GovernanceFSC Finland is the Association for Responsible Forestry. It is a non-profit organisation open to all interested stakeholders. Its members are grouped in three chambers: social, environmental and economic. The association has a cooperation agreement with FSC International, and promotes FSC at the national and local level in Finland.

FSC Finland is responsible for updating FSC’s Finnish forest management (FM) standard. This standard is the result of negotiations between the economic, environmental and social chambers, and it entered into force in 2011. Since then, approximately 1 070 000 hectares have been FSC-certified in Finland, and the numbers are growing.

FSC Finland - the Association for Responsible Forestry has a Board of Directors consisting of a chairperson and two members from each chamber. Each member also has a personal deputy. The chairperson and board members are elected in the annual meeting of the association. The General Secretary of FSC Finland acts as the secretary of the Board.
FSC Finland currently also has two working groups: the standard working group and the controlled wood working group.

Members of the Board of FSC Finland – the Association for Responsible Forestry


Chairperson: Pekka Keloneva

Social chamber

Erkki Eteläaho, METO - the Forest Experts’ Association (member)
Jari Sirviö, Industrial Union (member)

Jan Saijets, Sámi Reindeer Herders’ Association of Finland (deputy member)
Jukka Sippola, The Union of Professionals in natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu (deputy member)

Environmental chamber

Paloma Hannonen, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation FANC (member)
Jari Luukkonen, WWF Finland (member)

Riku Eskelinen, The Finnish Nature League (deputy member)
Tero Toivanen, Birdlife (deputy member)

Economic chamber

Pekka Kallio-Mannila, Stora Enso (member)
Karoliina Niemi, Finnish Forest Industries Federation (member)

Vesa Junnikkala, Metsä Group (deputy member)
Inka Musta, UPM (deputy member)

Members of FSC Finland – the Association for Responsible Forestry

Pekka Keloneva

Honorary President
Tari Haahtela

Environmental Chamber

Birdlife Finland
Greenpeace Finland
The Finnish Nature League
The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
WWF Finland

Economic chamber

Koneyrittäjien liitto
Meto - Metsäalan Yrittäjät
Metsä Group
Skogssällskapet Finland
Stora Enso
Ålands skogsvårdsförening

Social chamber

The Consumers' Union of Finland
Luonnon-, ympäristö- ja metsätieteilijöiden liitto Loimu
Meto - Metsäalan Asiantuntijat
Industrial Union
Sámi Reindeer Herders’ Association of Finland
Saami Council
Suomen Latu
Suomen Partiolaiset

Supporting members

BM Certification Suomi
Bureau Veritas

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